Instrumentation Solutions

Instrumentation is the basis of any efficient and reliable automation system. It is crucial to select the instrument and transmitter best suited to fulfill a particular task within a specific budget, from a simple device that measures process variables to an intelligent appliance connected to the field bus.

There are numerous instrument manufacturers, and a broad spectrum of instrument types. Our engineers propose the optimal device that meets the requirements of the desired function. We go on to provide engineering services, such as producing the instrumentation list, data sheets and generating hook-up drawings. We also carry out installation, calibration, testing and commissioning of the instruments.

Three Facts / Highlights

  • Our portfolio of instruments are sourced from providers that are best in their class.
  • We offer support, expertise and training to help our customers achieve the most from their devices.
  • Our vast experience in different processes combined with our knowledge of both control and instrumentation gives us an edge in the quality of service we provide to our customers.

The Riyadh Water Transmission System (RWTS) is among the largest high-pressure pipeline systems in the world.

CLIENT Saline Water Conversion Corporation
PROJECT 28 million Saudi riyals

It is comprised of twin Lines A and B, each 455 km in length, which feed water from Jubail to...

Arabian Industrial Fibers Company (Ibn Rushd), a plastics plant located in Yanbu, sought a complete automation solution to unite the processes and applications for its plant expansion.

PROJECT 3.97 million Saudi riyals
YEAR 2014

Scope: Turnkey project including hardware and software engineering, drawings and documentation...

Mutrafiah, in Jubail, in the east of the country, was being prepared for development of houses and offices. IICS was commissioned to assist with pumping stations and lift stations, to help the Royal Commission supply water and sewage facilities to industrial and residential areas.

CLIENT Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu
PROJECT Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

Scope: Turnkey project including hardware and software engineering generation of all drawings...