Upgrade S5 PLC System for 3-PPS, 3-TPS and 1-TPS at Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ)

The project involved replacing and upgrading obsolete Siemens S5-PLC hardware and software at Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ).
    2.586 million Saudi riyals
  • YEAR

All existing hardware was to be replaced with latest and industrially proven, fault-tolerant, hot standby redundancy Siemens S7 400-H Series controllers and related hardware.


  • Turnkey project including hardware and software engineering generation of all drawings and documentation, and testing and commissioning PLCs and SCADA systems. Supply and installation of all control and communication parts.
  • Engineering, supply, factory acceptance testing, installation, and testing and commissioning of new Siemens S7-400 PLCs to replace the obsolete S5 PLCs complete with all required hardware, software licenses, pre-assembled cabinets.
  • Supply and installation of door mounted SIMATIC HMI IPC577C 19” touch panel in existing PLC panels.
  • Integration of new PLCs with existing Foxboro DCS and related modbus mapping.
  • Provide training on SIMATIC S7 for operation and maintenance.