Upgrade and installation of control system at Sharurah Power Plant

The control system at Sharurah Power Plant, in Najran province in the south of the country, near the border with Yemen, needed upgrading.
    Saudi Electric Company
    11.85 million Saudi riyals


  • Dismantled previous local control panel and console and upgraded it by installing OVATION and network cabinets.
  • Supply and installation of marshalling cabinet (completely wired) and interconnect between marshalling cabinet and OVATION cabinets
  • Laying, running and termination of UTP copper cables, fiber optic cables .
  • Installation of 7 KVA UPS with batteries for 3 hours backup time and supply of power sockets, supply and running and termination of new power cables and supply and installation of required AC distribution boards.
  • Installation of field instruments such as level transmitters and speed sensors, including supply of all required process piping and other instrumentation accessories .
  • Supply and termination of new power and signal control cables between synchronizer panel and marshalling cabinet, and required interconnection cables up to OVATION cabinets .