MV switchgear for drill sites in Manifa, Abu Hadriyah, and Tanajib oil areas

Oil production requires sophisticated switchgear to permanently operate drills.
    Saudi Aramco
    17.9 million Saudi riyals
  • YEAR

This project involved installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, energization and start up support of switchgear at Manifa causeway, Abu Hadriyah and Tanajib drill sites, three oil complexes in the Eastern Province.


  • Testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and energizing of 31 switchgear (28 13.8 KV, and 3 34.8 KV) free-issued by Saudi Aramco at 17 drill sites in Manifa, Abu Abu Hadriyah and Tanajib.
  • Harmonic studies and relay testing at each drill site.
  • Continuity, Hipot & Megger testing of cables from outgoing switchgear 1 to incoming switchgear 2.
  • Supply of MV splicing and termination kits. Splicing and termination of MV cables .
  • Supply and installation of LV cables, control cables, grounding cables and ethernet cables as required