MFC automation of firewater pumps at RO plant in Ras Tanura Terminal South

Firewater pumps maintain pressure at specific levels in firefighting equipment. This project called for the provision of an automatically initiated startup system for four firewater pumps at Ras Tanura, the world’s largest crude oil terminal, located in the Eastern Province.
    Saudi Aramco
    3.998 million Saudi riyals
  • YEAR


  • Supply and installation of pressure switches on the discharge pipe header.
  • Provide local control station for each firewater pump containing panels for auto/manual operation.
  • Provide automatic sequence for the operation of seven pumps.
  • Installation of new pipe spool with flange ends for existing discharge pipe header and fire water pump.
  • Hydro-testing for all new pipelines and new valves.
  • Provide Honeywell Vendor Services for configuration of IO points in the existing DCS for all seven pumps.