Aviation Lighting Replacement at Shaybah Airstrip

The project called for upgrading existing aviation lighting at Shaybah Airport’s airstrip, which serves the remote Shaybah oil complex in the Eastern Province.
    Saudi Aramco
    16 million Saudi riyals
  • YEAR


  • Installing an ADB lighting system tailored to meet the project requirements.
  • Design, supply, integration and installation of new CCR for approach CAT I + CAT II lights, PAPI, runway and turning pads, taxi way.
  • Supply and installation of airfield lighting control system, ATS system, and radio controller system for flight dispatch.
  • Replaced existing wind socks with new lighted wind socks.
  • Supply and install 500KW diesel generator in electrical room.
  • Modification of existing MCC feeders to power new lighting equipment as required.
  • Dismantling existing power cables and grounding cables and design, supply, and installation of new power cables, control cables and grounding cables for continuous operating load as per requirements.